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December 16, 2013


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The familiar chatter of rowdy voices were extra loud today to which you were extremely thankful for. They somewhat helped to distract your cluttered mind. You were currently making a desperate sprint to the stables after a rough night of restless sleep, if one could call it that.

You had been tossing and turning all night after what Levi and Eren had proclaimed to you earlier on that very same evening. Your lips stung with a feeling you had never felt before. Grazing slim fingers over your lips as you continued to make a run for it, you recalled the clear visions both Levi and Eren kissing you passionately and intimately. You had woken up with a start after struggling to fall asleep that night. This only caused you to oversleep and waking up close to midday. You had found a note slid under your door which read the following:

"Good morning, ______.

Meet me at the stables at 17:00 hours exactly.

Don't be late.

- Levi"

It had taken you a few precious minutes to comprehend the message and snap yourself awake to make sure that you weren't still dreaming. You pinched, slapped and shook yourself awake but the message was still there. Clear as day, in black and white. You held the small note to your heart which was currently running a marathon. Smiling to yourself, you decided to freshen yourself up and patiently wait for the evening. Except, your idea of 'patiently waiting' was making you wouldn't have any form of heart attack in the next 5 hours.

Unfortunately, the time had passed like nothing else mattered in the world. You only had a few minutes to get to the stables on time and you were so focused on drowning out images of Levi, Eren, your beating heart and the kisses, that you completely lost all sense of co-ordination. Practically leaping into the open door of the stables, you felt yourself collide with a strong, lean body which had no choice but to steady itself and your body with its arms. Your eyes widened at the sudden contact and you quickly looked up to clash eyes with the stoic, unimpressed, steel grey eyes of Lance Corporal Levi.

You had landed in a position where your body was sandwiched up to his. Your clammy hands had securely locked onto his shoulders and your nose ever-so slightly touched his when your tilted your head back to look up at him. His hands, which had been carrying horse tack before, had wafted to your hips, steadying your body against his and preventing you from falling any further against him. He glared down at you, black bangs darkening his forehead and making his eyes glow like a cat in the night. You laughed nervously before gently pushing yourself off of him.

"Sorry!" you quickly uttered out to him. This proved to be quite a challenge for you, all the while you tried to calm your heart.

Grunting in response, he bent down to pick up the tack you had caused him to drop previously. Making yourself useful, you picked up the two bridles he had dropped and carried them over to the horse stalls, hanging one in front of his horse and one in front of yours. You guessed he would be taking you on a horse ride today. You smiled to yourself at the thought of it. It was so romantic and Levi was serious about winning your heart. He really did love you and he proved it last night. Looking back over at him, he had entered his horse's stall and was already securing the saddle and girth to the bellowing black beast. You decided to bridle your horse and secure the saddle so you didn't hold him up. Pulling on the tough leather of the girth, you found it more difficult than usual to align the leather with the correct hole. Tugging with all your might, you grunted softly as you only failed once more.

"Here. Let me help," a voice whispered against your sensitive ear which twitched at the contact.

Slightly looking over your shoulder, you found Levi's face nearly resting atop of your clothed shoulder. He placed his rough hands over yours and clasped them tightly. The both of you pulled and he made it seem like the easiest task in the world. You smiled at him in gratitude and you could swear you saw the hint of the tiniest smile upon his features. You twisted your body around to face him fully and searched for the smile you thought you had seen before but you were only graced with the forbearing look of his from before. He watched you with curious eyes as you searched his face for the smile.

"What are you looking at?" he asked you impatiently.

"Nothing, nothing. Just thought I saw a smile there before," you said happily, knowing you were teasing him.

He simply scoffed at you and allowed you to continue your inspection. You couldn't locate the smile again but what you did notice was that the bangs that framed his eyes had grown longer. You watched them sway as he tilted his head in question at you.


"Your hair is getting longer," you muttered half to yourself and half to him.

"My hair?" he asked himself as he looked at his long black bangs.

You reached up and softly tucked a stray lock of hair behind his ear. You felt him twitch at the touch of your fingers brushing against his skin. You stopped once the hair was safely tucked against his ear, however, you didn't move your hand away. Your fingers softly stroked the area below his ear, earning a soft sigh from him every time your hand caressed his skin. But he didn't pull away from you or push you away. He simply watched you, seemingly enjoying your ministrations. Your hand moved towards his cheek and gently cupped it, caressing his cheek with your thumb. He closed his eyes and slightly leaned into your touch. You felt a soft smile spread across your face before you snapped back into reality and moved away from him. Turning your back to him, you continued to saddle up your horse and hide an ever-growing blush that had formed on your face. You felt Levi watching you from behind, assuming he had already saddled up his horse and was now waiting patiently for you.

Once your horse was saddled up, the two of you mounted and headed out into the forest. You rode alongside him but he seemed unusually nervous today. You noticed this when he helped you with the girth of the saddle. When his hands had taken a hold of yours, they were trembling ever-so slightly. You were taken aback by this as Levi NEVER trembles.

Pushing the thought aside, you looked over at him. He caught your stare and returned it.

"Where are we going?" you asked him politely.

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise now, would it?" he uttered back to you.

Rolling your eyes, you turned your head back to face forward. He still watched you in the corner of his eye, noticing how the features of your faces twitched as you considered every possibility of what he had planned. The ride continued on in silence and you began to feel awkward. Levi said nothing and you had no idea where you were going.

"Hey, Levi," you cooed to him.

"Hm?" He responded, turning his head slightly.

"Where you're taking me, it's just through this glade, right?"

"Yes…" he answered slowly, knowing that the tone you were using meant trouble, "Why?"

"Race you." That was all you said before giving your horse a fair nudge, causing her to bolt away from Levi, "Well? Come on!"

When the earth was young
And the air was sweet
And the mountains kissed the sky
In the far beyond, with its many paths
Man and nature lived side by side

"Hey-! Wait! Goddammit!" You heard him call out to you angrily as he urged his horse faster in order to catch up with you.

You laughed as you saw him struggling to catch up with you. If there was one thing you knew how to handle besides Levi or Eren, it was a horse. You had been riding ever since you could remember and when you rode your horse for the first time, a connection like none other was made. You understood each other and knew your strengths and limitations.

Speed was a great strength of hers and you exploited it to her full potential.

The pretty wisdom does not come without learning
And revision not wholly with our eyes
We can think that we see
Truly see all around us
But when we look
Do we see with open minds?

You looked over your shoulder to see Levi hunched over and urging his dark horse faster. He was glaring at you the entire time but you knew he was enjoying this. If he was angry he would be scolding you and not bothering to chase after you. Instead, he would just wait patiently for you to return to him, showing that he was not in the mood for your games. Just when he had just about caught up to you, you steered off to the right earning a groan of annoyance from Levi.

Great Spirits of all who lived before
Take our hearts and lead us
Fill our hearts and souls with all you know
The key to understanding
Is to see through others' eyes
Find a way to help us
See from all sides
Truly see from all sides

Weaving in and out of the trees and bushes, you let loose a howl of victory as you had lost sight of Levi. You could still hear him though. Ducking down beside a shrubbery, concealing your existence from him you rode on. Birds above you flew past at much greater speeds. You watched them soar past you as Levi still called for you to come out. Giggling once more, you turned away from the shrubbery and urged your horse to jump over a fallen tree, reappearing before Levi's eyes. Catching him off guard, he pulled away from you while you grinned at him.

Teach our children to look deeper than the surface
See the world through another's eyes
For to blind me on yourself
Is to look but not see it
Knowing much is not enough to be wise

Baring a slight grin of his own, he charged back towards you so that you rode side-by-side once more. Levi glared at you one final time before charging full speed ahead of you. His green cloak bellowed behind him, baring the Wings of Freedom that he wore proudly. You giggled to yourself as you ducked off to side once more, disappearing from sight. He turned around only to find that you were missing once again. Grunting to himself, he watched and listened on both sides of him for your reappearance.

To see the wonder
In all we've been given
In a world that's not always as it seems
On the part that we choose
Turn every corner
Follow on, for another begins

He turned back and galloped on, knowing that you would appear any second now. You came leaping over a shrub patch, laughing with your Scouting Legion cloak flowing elegantly behind you as you took the lead.

"Come on, Corporal!" you taunted as he simply gave you a glare in response.

It didn't take him long to catch up with you, glare, and then pull ahead and turn around to face you again, smirking.

"You were saying, ______?" he teased.

You grinned wildly at him before slipping in and out through the foliage and trees, taking shortcuts and jumps only to end up in front of him once more.

Great Spirits of all who lived before
Take our hearts and lead us
Fill our hearts and souls with all you know
The key to understanding
Is to see through others' eyes
Find a way to help us
See from all sides
Truly see from all sides

You could see the end of the glade ahead as you bent forward to give your horse more momentum to ride faster. Your hair soared behind you as you bobbed up and down in the saddle. The wind against your face felt amazing as it seemed to reach every part of your body, making the ride seem even more phenomenal. The sound of the horses galloping created a beat that you could almost dance to, fast and exciting.

Great Spirits of all who lived before
Take our hearts and lead us
Fill our hearts and souls with all you know
The key to understanding
Is to see through others' eyes
Find a way to help us
See from all sides
Truly see from all sides
See from all sides

Laughing and throwing your head back as you rode out of the glade and slowing your horse down to a steady speed. Turning the reins towards Levi, you caught your breath and grinned at him.

"Haha! I beat the Great and Mighty Levi!" you jeered out loud.

"Tch. Whatever," he mumbled as he dismounted from the saddle.

You followed his move and tied your horse to a small tree residing next to a small lake, giving your horse a well-earned refreshment. Patting her soft neck, you leaned against her, hearing her beating heart pulse from exhaustion. Her breaths came out in heavy pants and you continued to stroke her smooth neck which felt almost like silk.

Levi wandered over to you, crossing his arms and letting out huff of annoyance. You guessed he was slightly irked after losing a horse race to you.

He had to give you credit though. You had skills when it came to horses.

Giggling to yourself, you patted your horse one final time before lying down on the ground and watched the orange sky float above you. The sky was a magnificent hue this evening, one you had never seen before. Almost as if the Gods had organised this special sunset just for you and Levi. You heard him sit down next to you, slouching back against his outstretched arms. Sitting up, you leaned against him, incidentally causing him to lean back against you. His head was rested on yours and despite his stone cold expression, he seemed content. You closed your eyes as you felt his own heartbeat keep its same steady pace. His hand found yours and slowly but surely locked onto it. His fingers curled around yours, making sure he didn't do anything wrong or upset you. He was careful with how he treated you, never pushing you for anything and backing away when you refused.

Even with the kiss the two of you shared. He knew it was a risky move and he decided that if you denied and rejected him, he would turn around and walk away.

That's what you really and truly loved about him.

Knitting your fingers with his, you held on tight to his hand. You thought you heard him sigh from relief but you chose to ignore it, enjoying the moment you had now.

"Come on," he whispered softly to you.

"Hm?" you questioned in response.

He stood up, pulling you up with him and walked over to his horse who was waiting patiently for the two of you. The black stallion looked fit as ever and hardly moved a muscle as Levi climbed into the saddle with ease. He held his hand out to you for you to take. Looking back at your horse who was watching you. You sauntered back over to her and untied the reins from the tree.

"You know the way home," you whispered into her ear as she nodded in agreement. Giving her a tap on her rear, she took off into the glade, disappearing from view.

Turning back to face Levi, you tentatively placed your hand within his open one. It fit like a glove. Gently pulling you by the arm, you used the stirrup as a support to climb on top of the mighty horse. Once you were settled in the saddle behind Levi, he took hold of the reins once again.

"Hold on tight, _____," he ordered and you complied without protest.

Snaking your arms around his waist, you felt a shiver transcend down your spine. Moving closer to his body, you tightened your grip on his torso as a signal to say that you were ready. You rested your head against his back and felt his legs kick back and command his horse to move forward.

You weren't expecting such a take off though.

Bolting through the grassy plains, you yelped in surprise as the speed of Levi's horse was sudden. Clinging to Levi desperately in fear of being thrown off, you shut your eyes tightly. Once the horse had settled on a consistent speed, you slowly opened your eyes, squinting at the sight of the bright sun setting on the horizon. Looking over Levi's shoulder, you caught a glimpse of him looking so peaceful.


Smiling to yourself, you nuzzled against his back. Unbeknownst to you, your action had caused a massive blush to sweep across his face. His expression had calmed but not his heart. It had suddenly picked up its pace and he was praying that you weren't able to hear it as it felt as if it threatened to jump out of his chest. Keeping steady hands on the reins, he leaned forward, incidentally causing you lean forward and tighten your grip around his waist. Your hair flew behind you, feeling as if you were weightless and soaring through the skies.

The ride lasted a long time as Levi wanted to make the most of his time with you before the day ended. Pulling on the reins softly, he slowed his horse to a stop. Swinging his legs over his horse and landing swiftly on the ground, he turned back to you and held his arms out.

"Well, what are you waiting for? An invitation?" he remarked to you.

Grasping the picture, you twisted yourself until you were sitting side-saddle and pushed yourself off the leather saddle. Jumping into his arms, you landed with your arms tucked safely around his shoulders and his hands wrapped securely around your waist. You took a few slow seconds to watch him through his long black bangs. His eyes reflected a much fiercer colour in the glow of the sunset. The way his jet-black hair caught rays of the orange light just seemed magical.

"Levi…" you managed to whisper out as your finger began to play with the hair on the back of his neck.

"Mmm?" he replied leaning closely to you.

You could feel his warm breath tickling your lips and his hands sliding around to rest on your hips. You felt no control over your hands as you were suddenly pulling him closer to you. Your lips were barely touching and you watched each other through half lidded eyes. Taking initiative and feeling bold, you closed the small space between your lips. Melting into his touch, you smiled through the kiss. Levi's hands pulled you closer to his body, deepening the kiss. Your heart rate picked up its pace for the umpteenth time that day as his hands became more bolder and began slowly running up and down your sides. That same shiver from before rebelled down your spine once more, however this time it only made you want more. Grabbing a soft hold of the back of his head, you pulled him closer, resulting in him licking your bottom, asking for entrance. At first you hesitated, but pushed aside the timid feeling allowed him to explore your wet cavern.

He was truly proving that he loved you.

He didn't want to lose.

Lost in the kiss, Levi managed to elicit a small moan from you as one of your hands had slid down to grasp his shoulder. One of his hands had begun to slither up your back, underneath your beige jacket, causing you to grasp onto his clothed shoulder tighter and pull yourself as close as you possibly could. You finally pulled away due to lack of air, but neither you nor Levi moved a muscle. The two of you just stood there, foreheads resting against one another, looking into each other's eyes. Your fingers continued to play with the back hairs of his head as you rested your head against his chest, listening to the fast beat of his heart. Smiling to yourself, you felt his arms wrap themselves around your figure protectively, as if he never wanted to let you go.

For once in his life, Levi had a moment he never wanted to let go of. Watching the sun begin to disappear behind the clouded horizon, he planted a chaste kiss on top of your head, sighing in content as you closed your eyes and held him close to you.


Levi: 2

Eren: 1

So, I'm back from my first holiday and GUESS WHAT? I'M OFFICIALLY NO LONGER A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT! We got ATARs today and I'm happy with mine! It's enough to get me into uni and I'm so excited!


The song featured is from Disney's Brother Bear, 'Great Spirits' (The Phil Collins version). I believed that this song adds to the playful and carefree feel that the race was trying to communicate.

BUT DAMN. LEVI IS TRYING SO HARD! How will Eren make his comeback? That's for me to know and you to find out! Next time on Troublesome! 

A big thank you to :iconrheatoriesoto: who helped me so much with this chapter and many more to come! She's given me some fantastic ideas and you should go and check her out! She's amazing! :heart:

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